Monday, 24 December 2012

Clue To The Answer...

"Erjhen bridge"; I found this on a minor little bridge over the irrigation channel in Cishan at the beginning of this month. It struck me as curious at the time, given that this was not the Erjhen river but an irrigation channel from the Cishan river, and then, last Friday night with a bit of conjecture on my part and document searching from a friend, we very quickly unravelled the whole problem; the tunnel through the mountain to Neimen was part of the original project in which the Yueh Mei weir and the irrigation channel were constucted. The tunnel was originally built to transfer water from the Cishan river to the Erjhen river in order to irrigate farms that have since disappeared. Since the extra water was no longer needed, the only new construction necessary was the Neimen control gate and the diversion channel to transfer the extra water to Agongdian reservoir.

Knowing this, I can see that in hindsight I was absolutely right to suspect this inconspicuous little sign on a minor bridge was somehow significant.

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