Wednesday, 28 November 2012


My preferred alternative to the sodding christmas music being played - on repeat - in the offices and department stores etc at the moment. I've been listening to Boards Of Canada for twelve years now, and I still find them fresh and compelling (though that might be my age showing).

I've trawled through as many Chinese documents as I can find online about the Agongdian reservoir diversion channel, and I cannot find anything to locate the actual point where the water leaves the Yueh Mei weir irrigation canal and re-emerges at the Neimen control gate with the Erhjen river. Scanning google earth for hours did not help either, so I'm looking at riding my bicyle down through Longci into Neimen and then Cishan to look around. I reckon two hours or slightly less to get there, two hours to get back and maybe two to three hours looking around. So leave Tainan at 4am, get there at 6am, look around until 9am, and then back in Tainan by 11am or so. I might do a little prep ride out late tonight after work.

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