Friday, 28 September 2012

Ignis Fatuus

"I said it wasn't forcibly making you pay for others. I don't feel that's what taxes do."
So said Jenna Cody in response to me, here; she doesn't "feel" that taxation is based on force.

Now it is one thing to concede the fact that taxation is based on force and then utter some justification for it, but it is quite a different thing altogether to deny the fact - and then to do so on no more solid ground than some unspecified "feelings".

That really is something else.

She disallowed all further comments on that post, none of which were overtly rude in the manner in which she was pleased to consistently address both me and the other commenter "Readin" (e.g. that we are "heartless" simply because we disagree with her).


Imagine your life hanging in the balance and dependent upon the decisions of someone who, in automata reaction to feelings, consciously defies and then disregards plain facts about the world around her. How then will she act, if not in response to hallucinations?

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