Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Academic Fraud - Lewandowsky

"So in fact, out of the sample of 10 that believe the moon landings were faked, a majority (60%) accept the consensus position on climate science."
The story is simple: a certain professor in Australia, one Stephan Lewandowsky, together with several colleagues published a paper claiming that "climate deniers are extreme free-marketeers or consipiracy theorists". With the paper being published in a mainstream academic journal (Psychological Science), it would obviously give rhetorical ammunition to those - like our own Flora Faun - who are desperate to claim that anyone who dare question The Great Consensus must be a lunatic - such is the confidence in their own, ahem, beliefs.

However, a copy of the raw data for the study was obtained by Andrew Montford and has now been released into the public domain. What the data actually show is that, whilst 1,135 survey respondents disagreed with the fake-moon-landing conspiracy, only ten actually agreed with it, and that, of those ten respondents, six of them actually expressed agreement - rather than disagreement - with the tenets of AGW/CAGW. Read it for yourself.

Professor Lewandowsky has therefore been accused of academic fraud - so no doubt this story - as with all previous such stories - will not see the light of day in Taiwan's mainstream press, least of all the appalling Taipei Times.

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