Sunday, 26 August 2012

The End Of August

With just a week left of this wet and miserable month, I'm looking forward to Taiwan's brief "autumn" transition period into winter - no more rain.

For the record, I think it has rained - intermittently - just about every single day this month, with most of the rain coming during the evenings and nights and that is despite there being only two typhoons to have made landfall this month - typhoon Soala at the beginning, and typhoon Tembin toward the end (Tembin only affected the Hengchun peninsula, after making landfall in Mudan). If I recall correctly, there was a similar rainfall pattern in August 2007 when I was still living in Kaohsiung - it rained all month.

It has been because of the weather that I decided to take a break from travelling up north to see the reservoirs. I kept my fitness up with cycling and running, although for the past four or five days I've neglected that - I've been too busy with urgent meetings at work. Thankfully that seems to be over now too.

So it's time to think about the next trip to Liyutan reservoir in Miaoli; maybe in the next week or two. The essays for Mingde reservoir and Yongheshan reservoir will have to be written up soon also.

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