Monday, 9 July 2012

Miaoli Trip

Last week I took the 06:50 train up to Miaoli to see Mingde reservoir (明德水庫). Although I did get a few good shots, I had to waste a lot of time upon arrival as there is apparently no scooter rental place in Miaoli (in contradiction to what I had been told) and so I had to take another train south to find a scooter rental place, and then drive back north again. I lost about two hours with that nonsense; it would have been quicker and easier to just take a bicycle with me.

I will have to make quite a few more trips up north to Miaoli; I must take some pictures of the more obscure features of Mingde reservoir (principally the islands, the minor tributaries and the little hamlet). There are then two other reservoirs in Miaoli to be visited and photographed; Yunghoshan reservoir (永和山水庫) to the north of Mingde, and Liyutan reservoir (鯉魚潭水庫) to the south. So that's one more trip to Mingde, and then perhaps a further three or four trips to take in the other two reservoirs.

Once the Miaoli reservoirs are out of the way, there are then the three in Hsinchu, the two big ones in Taoyuan and Taipei and of course, Deiji reservoir (德基水庫) in Taichung and Wan-Da reservoir (萬大水庫) in Nantou. I am especially anxious to see Deiji reservoir, since it is the most remote and difficult to get to, and fittingly, by far the most spectacular of all of Taiwan's reservoirs.

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