Friday, 27 April 2012

Comment To J.M. Cole On Celebrating Democracy

"Taiwanese and everybody else who cherishes democratic ideals deserve fireworks and a party on May 20, one that is worthy of the occasion."

Or how about a party at the end of March to remember the democratic sanctioning of the theft of the Wangs property? You can have fireworks for that too.

Let's be clear: if there is something to be cherished in democracy then it is only the abeyance of war, as per the inversion of Clauswitz's famous dictum - politics is war by other means.

Distilled to its ideal form, democracy is majoritarian predatory power unleashed from the necessary conditions of freedom: the negative rights of individuals. Indeed, although the hinderllectuals will still squawk for the observance of "human rights" from their citatory towers, these "rights" can necessarily be no more than contingent privileges that may be revoked at any moment under any old two-bit "public interest" trick.

The difference between totalitarian government and unlimited government is only a subtle one and this is why the DPP are finished. Aside from the abeyance of war, there is nothing to celebrate in democracy itself, and anyone who presumes to vote otherwise is no better than a cannibal clamouring for a spoonful of "social jusice".

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