Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sors Salutis

After Sunday's exertions on the raft I expected to be as stiff as a post yesterday but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn't: I swept and mopped the floors on Monday morning without any pain whatsoever. I must be in better shape than I had thought. What was more surprising - and less pleasently so - was that Monday's weather would turn out to bring a far superior clarity to the hazy brightness of Sunday. Of course, from the weather forecast alone I had no way of knowing it would turn out this way...

Glorious. Although I had some work to do, I spent much of my time just doing chores. Last night, when walking the dogs at the park - guess what? I heard a little yap and turned round to find another abandoned puppy.

Really, this is just not on, as I would say in my North-East vernacular. I already have my own dog, Tinkerbell, plus Shao Bai, and the three other strays (formerly four) at the park to look after. And the pup I found on Saturday. There may be another foreigner just down the road willing to take this second pup in, but I'm waiting on that so in the meantime, the message (and pictures) have went out to various other people to stick up on their facebook pages.

Anyway, enough with the distractions - I have to get back to writing.


  1. Another adorable little puppy.

    If I didn't know better I'd say there's some Taiwanese folks nearby saying to themselves "No worries, we'll dump the puppy here and that mug Fagan'll take care of it for us."

    Of course, they're not saying that, because these people obviously don't give a shit in the first place.

  2. I've found someone to take her already, and I'm waiting to hear back from somebody on shipping costs for the other one.

    If I didn't take her in, Black & White would've made swift work of her last night.

  3. You might be right Steve - I just got back from the park again now, and there is yet another abandoned dog. That's three in four days. This time a mingy old terrier breed who looks like he's on his last legs, so to speak.

    I've left him there for now, but will make a few phone calls.

  4. Mike, Steve articulated in comments what I was thinking as I read through the post.

  5. I'm quite certain there's nothing other than coincidence at play here - money gets tight and the dogs are one of the first things to go.

    Meanwhile, I just got back from giving the second pup away to another foreigner, and "Gunny" is doing fine - she's got me running around after her with a mop and tissues. The other two growl at her from time to time, but they know better than to even think about biting her.


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