Monday, 12 March 2012

Sandra Fluke: Pawn Of The Left

"When even casual sex requires a state welfare program, you’re pretty much done for."
Mark Steyn on the Sandra Fluke story. Note his choice of "done for" as a euphemism for the f-word. It really is unbelievable. When I was a student in Edinburgh, buying a pack of johnnies was just a chore that ranked alongside buying razors, soap and shampoo. And, er, scented candles (for a certain daughter of the Portuguese socialist party).

But note that Anita Dunn's firm is apparently handling Fluke.


  1. Yeah, and it's a CATHOLIC COLLEGE for Pete's sake!

    I am far from Catholic (I'm atheist) in my religious/sexual/moral views, etc. but there is so much that is wrong here. It would be slightly less perverse if Fluke was just representing herself as a student who should be given coverage by some sort of Pharmacare at any drugstore that carries condoms, etc. But to impose one's lack of religious beliefs on a Catholic institution confounds not only one's sense of individual integrity, freedom of belief and thought, etc., but also common sense. It will lead to nothing good at all. In fact, it will lead to radicalism on all sides of the spectrum.

    Nobody on the left (and some even on the right) seems to understand that Limbaugh was being at least half-humorous, not to mention sarcastic with his rant. The elevation of Fluke to some sort of "martyrdom" is totally bogus.

    Making taxpayers pay for patients' viagra or birth control pills is abusive of taxpayers' good faith. Not that taxpayers should have any faith left at all. It is just as Orwellian as collecting NHK or BBC licencing fees in Japan or England.

  2. The case itself is just utter bollocks (johnnies and "coils" cost little more than the assorted bathroom bottles women buy); it's a transparent tactic by the Left against Santorum. That's all there is to it.

    I mean it may be that the commies weren't expecting someone like her to just bounce out of the blue (and if so, then Miss Fluke is aptly named) but the story did seem to go high profile very quickly following that fabricated fuss about contraception. The whole thing is just a decoy move against Santorum. Because they are afraid of him.


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