Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lights Off For Serf Hour

"It is not easy to bring people together to take action for a common cause..."
It certainly is not, and that's why the Left have to resort to theft, fraud and preposterous conspiracy theories to try to smear people who cannot be cowed by false claims of consensus, by falsified predictions and by fudge-factor modelling.
"According to Earth Hour, more than 70 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions are created by cities..."
That's bullshit: far more carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere from soil and plant respiration.
"Cynics may sneer that Earth Hour is little more than a publicity stunt, but optimists respond that it is a start..."
No. The cynical response is not that Earth Hour is a "publicity stunt", but that it is propaganda to aid in the expansion of political power. And that is not the same thing as a "preposterous conspiracy theory", you brain-in-a-vat-of-concrete imbeciles.
"...the event’s exponential growth does give cause for hope..."
Or, as I prefer to call it... rope.
"However, the real test comes from the daily grind of..."
... skeptics' reputations into the floor beneath the jackboot of demagoguery ("corporate whores" is now the standard refrain of people who cannot think). And yes, those reputations have human faces too.
"Such changes are not always easy — nor are they inexpensive — but they are crucial and they become more so every year. So when 8:30pm rolls around tonight, stop and think about what you can do..."
Wot? Like save my money for the stupid solar panels that I will be forced to pay for? That will mean my early death because I won't have any money left to pay for my healthcare since not only is that money being stolen from me now but also there won't be enough children around for the State to steal from when I'm too old.

Not that I will take stolen money from children. I'm not the same as you people.

Alright it's almost 8.30pm - here comes the endarkenment...

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