Friday, 16 March 2012

"At The Chime Of A City Clock"

As a 19-year old undergraduate I used to play this on my turntable (yes, the same vinyl album "Bryter Layter" you see here) at late summer dusk after grocery shopping; at the time I lived in an old attic apartment with a wooden dormer window. It was across the railway tracks from an old Victorian park full of beech and oak trees. This track was what I'd play while eating dinner and getting ready to go out at night with my girlfriend at the time. I hadn't heard it for years until late last night while working on my Nanhua reservoir essay.


  1. Drake left us too soon, and it is rare to hear his music any longer. He still gets some air time on Sirius radio's The Loft.

  2. John,

    I know what you mean, but putting it like that does presume an answer to a formidable question: who's to say when the "right" time to go is - if not never?

    On the music though, I think this record is slightly over-instrumented in certain places (e.g. "Hazy Jane II" almost sounds like it was written as the into or outro music to a '70s sitcom). This particular track is very good, but generally I think Drake's music rang true when he was pared down to his voice, guitar, and a comparatively smaller supporting cast of instruments. But you know, one opinion is as good as another on this sort of thing.


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