Sunday, 4 March 2012

Another Puppy

All my plans got scuppered today (Saturday - it's now after 1am Sunday as of writing) when this little pup turned up at the park this morning*. No collar, no apparent owner (typical) and running for her life from Black & White and the other dogs (Black & White in particular really would have mauled her, whereas the two lads would've probably just nipped her and chased her around for a bit of fun).

So I took her in and drove her to the vet's this afternoon to get her checked out and started on her de-worming and vaccination course; she'll have to stay with me for the next month or so while she goes through that and I try to find someone to adopt her. I was a little worried at first about leaving her alone with Tinkerbell and Shao Bai (I was running in and out of the apartment all day today), but they seemed to comprehend the warning I left hanging in the air over them. That and the fact that she was dehydrated from nervous exhaustion meant that they probably just ignored her while she stretched out to sleep next to my laundry basket.

Adoption. The trouble with finding people is threefold: trying to drum up interest (rather than mere sympathy) in the first place; not giving her away to some dodgy old knacker who'll end up cooking or selling her to some "restaurant" (it happens); and not giving her away to some silly little girl and her idiot boyfriend who'll end up throwing her back out onto the street the moment she starts yapping or producing "Number Twos" to decorate the kitchen floor with.

I haven't given any thought to naming her yet. Any suggestions?

*And this is after I had to take Wanwan to the vet yesterday after (I suspect) Black & White gave him a nasty bite on his front-right paw (the tissue was penetrated from both the top and the bottom). She's as sly as she is cute: she actually has to see me looking at her to know she'll get a bash on the nose for trying that crap on.


  1. Mike. So, how much would it cost to ship her to the U.S.? Good looking critter. The Lovely Melis and I would take her in a heartbeat.

    Name suggestion: Gunny.

  2. John - I'll have to look into that. As a first guess from vague memories of listening to other people talk about this, I'd think it'd be somewhere between $500 and a $1000. There is an American woman in Kaohsiung who regularly ships the strays off to new owners she finds for them in the U.S. and she'll be able to set me to rights. I'll PM you about it later...


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