Saturday, 18 February 2012

"A Pint Of An Osprey In Flight For The Bar..."

This title, which sounds a bit like a Captain Beefheart lyric, was the result of a funny typo in a text message I sent this afternoon. I was on my way back from Wushantou reservoir where I had earlier snapped this image of an Osprey...

Unfortunately, this motion-blurred shot was the best I could manage at the time; whenever the bird came into sight, either I was stuck with the 18mm or the bird was usually to the west of my position in front of the sun. I will get a better opportunity eventually.

I did however, manage to take this shot...

Hell yes: another crested serpent eagle.

Both of these shots were taken with limited opportunities - I was paddling around furiously on a makeshift raft at the time, so when the birds came into view, I had to stop and move around gingerly lest I tip the thing over.

1 comment:

  1. That Crest Serpent Eagle shot is very nice, Mike.


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