Friday, 27 January 2012

Weather Changes

It's a strange thing - the weather in Taiwan. The weather forecast for all of the southern counties (Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung) has been grey and overcast all week, yet the weather has been superb here in Tainan.

So yesterday I drove up to Chiayi to photo the Renyi Tan reservoir (仁義潭水庫), and disapointingly, the skies were in fact all grey and miserable - whereas they were apparently open and blue all day in Tainan according to friends. Compare and contrast, first the southern end of Tseng-wen reservoir (曾文水庫) looking north-eastwards (taken on wednesday):

Glorious. Notice the clouds to the north (i.e. Chiayi) in that picture and the relative blue in the south. And now the eastern end (looking northwestards) of Renyi Tan reservoir in Chiayi yesterday:

Appalling. The dismal skies in Chiayi meant that I struggled to get anything even half-decent; which meant using the dull conditions as a backdrop for a portrait shot of some random clutter in the foreground.

And even that is ... dull. My pictures at Tseng-wen were much better simply because of the difference in the weather. I'll use some of them in a new essay I'm writing on Taiwan's reservoirs. On my way home, I stopped on a bridge over the Tseng-wen river to get some pictures of the cliff erosion and while I was at it, at the risk of having my camera blown off by a stray gust of wind, I also managed a decent shot of myself:


  1. Showing the world your ugly face??? How nice.

    Oh, and keep lying about global warming:

    Of course, all a global conspiracy. Funny just how Singapore is spending billions on preparing for sea level rise.

    They must all be incredibly stupid down there in capitalist-dream-world Singapore, unless, of course, they are not stupid, but ...

  2. "Other than that my tolerance is like the Pacific." I can't stop laughing ...

  3. Your heroes exposed as liars, just as you are!!!

    Wall Street Journal rapped over climate change stance

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Here's a fun idea - why don't you come down here to Tainan and speak to me like that in person?

  6. For anyone else reading this, it should also be stated again that the anonymous coward above has previously (at Nathan Novak's now defunct blog) claimed to be a reporter working for the Taipei Times.

  7. Here's a fun idea - why don't you come down here to Tainan and speak to me like that in person?

    As I said, testosterone fueled idiot!

    No brains, only muscles. Typical white chauvinistic male!

  8. Here's a fun idea - why don't you come down here to Tainan and speak to me like that in person?

    Sure, state your address and we'll see what can be arranged. Just out of academic curiosity, what would you actually do if it was said to you in person?

  9. Just come down on the train and tell me what time you're arriving.


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