Friday, 13 January 2012

Channel News Asia Interview

Tommorow night I will be taking part in an interview with Andrea Chow for Channel News Asia in Singapore on the subject of Taiwan's elections. The interview will take place after 8pm, which is several hours after the ballots will have closed; it may be that the preliminary election results come through the wires during the show. Why me? Apparently it is because, unlike the rest of the English blogosphere in Taiwan, I pay no "allegiance" to either the pan-greens or the pan-blues. I will post a link in due course probably some time tommorow.


Interview just concluded - very, very brief; I was not asked a question on issues as had originally been included in the draft questions sent to me, which was disappointing. I was asked about the legislative candidates, to which I replied that Taiwan doesn't seem to have the equivalent of a Steve Baker or a Douglas Carswell. That's about as interesting as it got. That being said, it's their show not mine.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Mike. Hope it goes well.

  2. I suspect your views on limitations of government power may not have gone down well in Singapore.

  3. The thought initially occured to me too Steve, but my subsequent email correspondence with the producer has revealed otherwise.

  4. Mike, interesting that the script changed at interview time versus the draft questions you had initially received and reviewed.

    I was surprised that news of these election results made to my ISP's homepage.

  5. John - not really, the answer is mundane; they had to cut it short to keep time after earlier reshuffling of other segments due to technical problems with correspondents in Taipei (rain; it always rains in Taipei). The producer was very gracious about it afterwards and even went so far as to offer to record my response sometime after 11pm (though I didn't catch this until the small hours). It might be that they ask me to do another interview at some later date, which I said I'd be happy to do.


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