Wednesday, 25 January 2012

"All Creatures Great & Small..."

The thing about photoing birds of prey is that you really must have both the time and patience either to chase up their position if possible or allow them to eventually drift closer to yours (compare with these two shots here, and here). This is a slightly zoomed in shot, taken yesterday, of what I suspect is either a Common Buzzard or a Greater Spotted Eagle (definitely not a Kite or a Goshawk - look at the tail). I was out at Tseng-wen reservoir (曾文水庫) again yesterday and I'm very glad that I was because, unlike today, the weather was superb - but it was so superb that I ended up with sunburn across my face. This is probably due to an increased exposure time to the sun from driving much more slowly (sans helmet after a certain point), having recently fitted a new drive belt to the big bike.

This little chap is obviously some sort of skink, though I'm not quite sure which species; the black bar running along his right side doesn't quite fit with the descriptions I've read of various lizards in Taiwan. I wouldn't have thought he was rare though since he wasn't too afraid of me, and I seem to remember coming across similar skinks before. Anyone?

Besides chores, I am working on my essays - one on the reservoirs, one on air theatre defense, and one in response to Turton's recent reference to Vicente Navarro's essay last August in Counterpunch. Here's one of yesterday's pictures of Tseng-wen reservoir from where it tails off into obscurity at its southernmost end:

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