Sunday, 11 December 2011

小白 ("Shao Bai") After Surgery

Shao Bai (小白) - flat out on the sofa next to my dog. The funnel collar is to stop him licking the stitches on his left shoulder where the tumor had been*. His coat looks manky because now that he has a big open scar with stitches on his left shoulder, I'm reluctant to wash him, although I had to put him in the shower last night after he wet himself without warning (I was careful to only wash his legs, tail and underside and to stop him from shaking himself dry so as to prevent his stitches becoming wet). As with my dog, he didn't like the hairdryer.

Since I got him back from his surgery yesterday afternoon, he's done almost nothing but sleep. All day today he's been flat out on the sofa and shown little interest in food and drink. It wasn't until a few hours ago, when giving him his medicine, that I managed to coax him into eating a few bits of cold chicken and a drink of water. He seems quite happy enough though, and certainly he's warmer and more comfortable here than he would be outside now that winter has set in. The only problem is that with the two of them on the sofa, there isn't really enough room for me! So other than putting my dog out on the balcony for a while, I've had to pick Shao Bai up and let him lie on top of my stomach at times, which is a bit awkward when I'm trying to drink coffee or reach for the keyboard (off image to the right). Coincidental with Shao Bai's surgery this weekend has been my coming down with cold now that the weather has finally changed to Taiwan's winter. It was already chilly enough that I had to wear my long coat or leather jacket, but now that I'm loaded up with headcold and mucus, I'm wearing a scarf when I go out too.

*The tumour was about the size of the meat ball inside a small 餛飩 (wonton); I'll get the pathology results later this week, though I won't be surprised if it was cancerous.

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