Sunday, 27 November 2011

More, More, More...

Mark Steyn hits the right note yesterday:
"When it comes to spending and the size of government, only the Democrats are officially panting orgasmically, “More More More, How do you like it?”..."
The goal is unlimited, technocratic administration of society - total politicization. That is what the Left want; aside from a few outcast Marxists here and there, they have long since betrayed the Liberal paradigm of a free society in which government intervention is to be considered an evil, if perhaps a sometimes necessary evil. To them, government interventions are blessings from on high to be hoped and prayed for.

To the mainstream Left of today, there is no social problem that cannot be "solved" by the mere application of force paid for with other people's money. To leave such problems to the market or civil society is considered akin to leaving them to chance and chaos. People have to be forced into doing what the Left want - for their own good - and so all attempts to solve problems must be "coordinated" from above by government. They actually think they are doing good to people at the very moment they violate their rights.

And they simply can't get enough of doing this.

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