Saturday, 12 November 2011

"Fast & Furious"

"By the time Cornyn was done drawing this stark contrast between Wide Receiver and Fast & Furious, Holder was reduced to conceding, “I’m not trying to equate the two.” That is big of him given that the two cannot be equated. But the attorney general seemed fine with the effort to equate them — to make them one and the same — when it was Schumer asking the questions. Expect the effort to continue. “Bush did it” may be a tired defense, and in this instance a preposterous one, but it’s the one the Democratic base loves to hear."
Andrew McCarthy is keeping an eye on the U.S. Senate hearings on the Gunwalker scandal in which it seems that members of the Obama administration - possibly including Attorney General Eric Holder himself - are guilty of abetting criminal activity by Mexican drug cartels.

When the U.S. government smuggles firearms into the hands of foreign criminals seemingly in order to justify further gun control measures in the U.S., it only brings the amoral and utterly cynical nature of the current government into sharp relief.

For all the gutter-class conspiracy theories out there "occupying" the minds of morons in places like Zucotti Park, here is a Senate hearing on what seems to have been a real government conspiracy - which is precisely why many people on the Left will try to ignore it.

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