Monday, 24 October 2011

Letter Against Jean-Paul Mouton


Only a barbarically grandiose stupidity could have caused Jean-Paul Mouton to write what he did in Monday's editorial.

To claim that it was the PRC's abandonment of socialist philosophy that caused passers-by to ignore a little girl repeatedly run over in a street in China is such a monstrously absurd claim that it is difficult to imagine him being welcome in polite company again. Allow me, in my slow-motion horror, to count just two of the ways...

First, the claim implies that such contemptible apathy and oblivion to human suffering is a moral failing of the PRC government in Beijing, rather than those individual passers-by themselves. As much as we may detest the PRC government, such a claim is as dishonest as it is absurd. It carries with it a disease - the implication that nobody can act morally without either being possessed of communal-socialist philosophy or of having such a philosophy violently imposed upon them by government.

Second, under the leadership of the CCP under Mao, the Chinese people were regularly plagued with all kinds of atrocities far exceeding this in both scope, destruction of human life, cruelty, and imagination. Far from it being the abandonment of socialist beliefs that causes human suffering - no! - it is their strict application that has over the last century caused still untold suffering.

Enough. A decent person could only regard Mouton's claim as casting him beyond a suitably distanced pale.

Yours freely,
Michael Fagan.

(Sent: Monday 24th October 2011).

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