Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Duck leg, noodles and angelica soup - downtown last weekend. Heavy on the angelica, which is how it should be.


  1. Did you ever stop by a place in Rende called Ah-Yu or Ah-Ye on ChungCheng Road No. 525 or so, famous and very crowded on weekends for serving
    beef hot pots, but a bit spendy, went there last Sunday on drive to Longchi temple to hear Huang Fei concert, and the bill was NT$1200 for two people, for lunch......but the place is good atmosphere and the boss is a friendly chap....don't know name in Chinese. will send info later -- ''Wandering Through South Taiwan'' Dan

  2. It's called ah-yu(阿裕)

  3. Thank you Anon (22:14).

    Dan: No I hadn't heard of it until you mentioned and I then checked with a friend of mine earlier tonight. NT$1200 for two, hmm... I wonder what herbs they put in it.

    Rende is a place I typically just blow through on my way to Kaohsiung, so I don't know it to any great detail. The new bridge they've got there just cries out for some early morning shots.

    Longci is nice, and the drive through to Cishan in Kaohsiung is great - there is a little ridge called 308 on the way, which gives you superb views of the valley on the south side, and Tainan City on the other, but the trick would be to get there with the camera on a sunny/rainy day after the rain has washed out all the haze.


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