Thursday, 8 September 2011

Further To Yang Liu Hsiu-hwa's Letter

"Even if the courts are not completely run by the KMT, the party can at least be considered a “substantial shareholder” in Taiwan’s judicial system....

It is easy for a judge to serve as a tool for the ruling party...

What can Tsai, the DPP’s presidential candidate, do about this issue?"
This was, on the whole, a good letter by Yang Liu Hsiu-hwa on one of the most important political problems in Taiwan - the political bias of the judiciary.

As to the question of what a Tsai presidency could do about it, I think the answer has to be: not very much, at least not directly, since the judiciary is nominally independent of executive control.

Surely the way toward an apolitical judicial system will involve challenging the unfair means by which the KMT receives support and maintains its patronage networks. Eroding this support might help to undermine the political bias of the judicial system.

To that end here is a leading question: how many of last year's KMT donors allowed themselves to be identified publicly, and how many of these businesses benefit from State subsidies and cheap bank credit?

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