Friday, 23 September 2011

Ben Goren Still Failing Remedial Class

"Many business leaders and economic libertarians would do well to understand this."
The "this" he refers to is the "social contract" as espoused by Elizabeth Warren.

Yet the problem with the social contract is... it is not a contract.

It is not a freely entered into agreement and its' standing as a "contract" is therefore null and void. I have never been asked to freely sign an explicitly titled "social contract", and nor I expect, has anyone who may be reading this.

It would be more accurate to call it what it is: the twofold presumptions of consent and necessity in which the predatory nature of political authority falsely empurples itself before a still blinking public. Neither of those two presumptions warrant uncritical acceptance.

So-called "public goods" do not have to be provided by the State out of necessity - this isn't true now, and it has never been true. When politicists claim that public goods can only be provided by the State, this is akin to religious zealots lying through their teeth when they claim that morality can only be provided by religion. The "social contract" was nothing but a lie from Rousseau onwards - useful for the sociopaths in pursuit of political power, but that is all.

I would put him right, but he banned me from commenting because he lacks the intelligence, sincerity and knowledge to defend his unreasoned prejudices, oh sorry, "opinions", in argument.
"Yellow smiley offers me X, like he's drinking 7-up.
I would rather drink 6 razor blades, razor blades from a paper cup.
He can't understand - I say "too tough!"
Just that I've seen the future, and boy it's rough."

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