Wednesday, 3 August 2011

U.S. "Spending Cuts"

"The problem is "baseline budgeting", which is a fraud. It starts with a "baseline" prepared by the Office of Management and Budget... which assumes a certain level of future spending growth. Anything less than that "baseline" amount is considered a "cut", even if more actual dollars are spent than in the previous year..."
That's commenter Laird on accounting detail. The "spending cuts" contained in the budget deal in Washington and trumpted by the usual retards are lies.

All that has been cut are the rates at which spending on various programs is set to grow; the budget deal contains no actual spending cuts in the usual sense of absolute reductions in spending. Michael Tanner has more detail at National Review.

Addendum: here is a list of how the Senate and House members voted for future reference. It passed 74-26 in the Senate, and 269-161 in the House.

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