Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Reminder

At the end of a short paragraph (headed "way cool") to his August 15th "daily links" post, Michael Turton writes this:
"Asia-Pacific Journal piece argues that the reactor at Fukushima was knocked out and melting down before the tsunami hit, with clear political implications. The claims of scientifically incompetent climate denialists that volcanoes pump more Co2 into the atmosphere than humans are utterly refuted by scientific reality. Not that the lying will stop, of course."
I may look into the Fukushima claim and the volcano stuff at another point, but all I want to note here is that when Michael Turton accuses other people of lying, he should be made to stand in front of this particular mirror...
"There are two banned individuals, FOARP and Fagan, both for personal insults."
FOARP has since returned*. I, on the other hand, was not banned for personal insults.
"Stay off my blog. I don't have time to waste on flat-earthers, creationists, and agw denialists."
I was banned because Turton, like the religious eco-fanatic he is, does not have time to waste debating "denialists".

Read the posts at both of those links. Michael Turton, along with numerous other lesser Taiwan bloggers, is someone who will ban you for arguing with him and then muddy the waters later with spurious remarks about "personal insults". When he says something about other people, or makes a bold factual claim, you should never credit it as being infused with the virtues of truthfulness, but rather, with those of pragmatism, i.e. of saying whatever may have practical value in attaining "just" ends irrespective of truthfulness.

This is a man who, despite having lived in Taiwan for many years with all which that implies, has said that the annexation of Taiwan to the PRC "might be permissible", if it would solve the problem of PRC expansionism.

I spit upon him.

*Whether invited to do so or not, I have no idea.

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