Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"For A Piece Of The Non-Action"

"...too many of us seem to regard an advanced Western society as the geopolitical version of a lavishly endowed charitable foundation that funds somnolent programming on NPR. I was talking to a trustiefundie Vermont student the other day who informed me her ambition is to “work for a non-profit.”

“What kind of ambition is that?” I said, a little bewildered. But she meant it, and so do most of her friends. Doesn’t care particularly what kind of “non-profit” it is: as long as no profits are involved, she’s eager to run up a six-figure college debt for a piece of the non-action. The entire state of Vermont is becoming a non-profit. And so in a certain sense is an America that’s 15 trillion dollars in the hole, and still cheerfully spending away."
Mark Steyn. He is, in the way he phrases his points, genuinely funny and one of the very few people at NR I can read without a mental playback of "Moonlight Sonata".

But even Steyn's article didn't make me laugh as much as Ozsoapbox's inadvertent slip of a comment here:
"By discriminating against ABC’s, Africans or anyone else who isn’t white the employment sector is being intolerant of all other races and ethnicities."
You see that? "The employment sector"... It dovetails quite well with Steyn's remark about seeing Western civilization as little more but a lavishly-endowed charitable foundation. For a piece of the non-action, follow the link to the thread at Oz's place.

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