Saturday, 23 July 2011

Seen Through A Better Light...

Yesterday afternoon (thursday) and today (friday) were the first moments of sunshine we've had in Tainan for about a fortnight. Yesterday's light in the west was quite good around 6pm, so I took a couple of snaps (sans filters) from my newly immaculated balcony before heading off out...

I am very pleased to be able to say that I will no longer be moving house. I love this view out west toward downtown Tainan City on the horizon, and particularly the little differently coloured patchwork of rooftops immediately below. There are many other things about this place that I love too, and which, in the time I've spent here render it in greater affection than the comparatively far more luxurious place I used to have in Kaohsiung.

This morning I went for a medical, which meant that I got to spend the later part of the morning in the park afterwards. It was refreshing to be able to climb up into the tree again: today's reading was a small bit of history...

... from an essay by the late Larry Sechrest on "Privateering and National Defense: Naval Warfare for Private Profit" which is chapter 7 in the collection "The Myth Of National Defense: Essays On The Theory And History Of Security Production" edited by Hans Hermann Hoppe (p271-272). I grabbed the pdf version through the Mises Institute and had it printed out. There are only nine (eleven - ed) essays in there, so I'll probably have it finished tommorow unless I decide to go for a drive or a swim.

I'm on the lookout for a new spot to photograph to replace my blogger heading picture which has been grating on me for some time now. I know more or less what colours I'm looking for and what sort of light. We'll see...

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