Thursday, 7 July 2011


Busy... back this weekend or next week. Notice the linguistic perversions prevalent (e.g. "expropriation" and "liberals") in the Taipei Times every day.

Look: first of all what is happening to the farmers in Hsinchu now is theft. What is being violated is not some made-up bullshit "farming rights", but property rights, and neither reporter Loa Iok-sin, or anyone else at the Taipei Times is competent to report on this accurately.

Second, and contrary to John Copper with whose analysis I otherwise largely agree, President Obama is a Marxist, not a "Liberal" and even the so-called "liberals" in the U.S. are not Liberal - this is a prime example of the retarded incompetence of some American conservatives: what do you imagine you would "conserve" if you can't even recognize the deliberate perversion of the very words necessary to provoke thought on the problem?

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