Saturday, 30 July 2011

In The True Sense Of "Liberal"

I thought to post this after reading through this discussion on David Friedman's blog, which was initially started to refute a seemingly false claim by Lew Rockwell about the popularity of Milton Friedman's works as against those of Murray Rothbard. What commanded my immediate notice was that at no point did Rockwell arrive on that thread either to apologize for his claim or to defend it. In addition to that, the charges which David Friedman levels against Murray Rothbard ought to be admitted. We can all succumb to error sometimes (as I have had to apologize for in the past), but to deliberately use an argument you know to be false is a serious failing.

To admit that you were wrong and repudiate your error takes courage. To conceal that you were wrong and continue in your error is cowardice.

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