Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Newly Discovered Reading Disorder: Seletivxia

"Fox News is the only TV news station in the U.S. with a small government conservative bias (though not a consistent one) - all the other stations are run with a big government / progressive bias."
Ben Goren:
"And .. 'a small but not consistent conservative bias' ??? ROFL."
What was Dalrymple's phrase again? Oh yes: the willful "suspension of intelligence".


  1. I see what I did. I didn't see the word government. My mistake was to read it too quickly and respond.

    You meant 'a small-government conservative bias'.

    Ok. I agree with you that it has a small-government conservative bias but I would argue that it is entirely consistent with that bias.

    That said, misreading something now equates to a 'suspension of intelligence'?

    Nice way to see malice and myopic stupidity where none exists.

  2. ... and while I'm here I've noticed that it's all so personal with you. Can you show me any of my posts where I have dedicated them to slamming you or engaged in character assassination? What's up with that Mike?

  3. "My mistake was to read it too quickly and respond."

    Why did you make that mistake?

    I would recommend you reflect on what it is which the phrase "suspension of intelligence" refers to.


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