Sunday, 5 June 2011

Against Lee Wu-chung (李武忠)

"Preventing food scares is one of the fundamental responsibilities of government, and is more pressing than cross-strait issues."
That, though translated from the Mandarin, was written by Lee Wu-chung (李武忠), a politicist professor of agricultural economics at National Taiwan University, which is popularly believed to be Taiwan's "number one" University. Note his use of the phrase "fundamental responsibilities of government".

Against Lee's claim, I simply offer these two little-known historical documents.


  1. I wonder if he'd say that when the missiles and bullets start flying?

  2. Almost every time academics like Lee start running their mouths, they strengthen one of my arguments for the removal of State funding from education entirely - and especially from the "prestigious" centres of booky preciousness like NTU and that joint you're at down in Sizihuan. Except that nobody cares.

    You know I once had the experience of trying to help two NTU students to improve their IELTS score ("IELTS" being a common English test for entry to University programs abroad). I found that they couldn't even interpret simple data graphs with respect to general trends - without me having to point the trends out to them with my Big University Crayon.

    And while I'm at it, I might mention this frustrating episode last year in the wake of Typhoon Fanapi. Prof talks sh*t about rainfall probabilities in the paper. I call him on it. Nothing happens, nobody cares. It's an utter disgrace.


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