Thursday, 12 May 2011

Torch Pratt On Gavin Lee

The aptly named Mr "Pratt" in the Timid Times today:
"According to recent filings from the Taiwan Stock Exchange, Motech Industries Inc, the nation’s largest solar panel maker, reported yet another devastating drop in sales, while the average selling price for solar wafers is at a historic low."
Tough shit Torch: if enough people judge solar cells to be too expensive to be worth it, then a drop in sales is a just outcome and all the green sloganeering in the world won't change that.
"The KMT administration could easily support the industry by mandating that all rooftops at elementary and high schools be covered with solar panels, thereby getting them “off the grid” and providing an emergency option during natural disasters or power outages. They could simplify the procedures whereby people could slash their electricity bills by installing solar panels on their rooftops or exterior walls, but they won’t."
What "procedures" might he be referring to there I wonder? The availability of subsidies, or surplus electricity purchases at higher rates?
"This is all part of their plan to hollow out Taiwan’s industrial core and relocate all the high-tech industries to China."
Oh really? Or is it just that solar power is a bit lame? Ockham's razor, Pratt.
"I appreciate Lee’s “youthful” energy and his quest for “innovation,” but if he is holding his breath for the KMT administration to actually get serious about reducing Taiwan’s carbon emissions and embracing green energy, he’ll probably turn blue and pass out."
Which is ironic since in years to come, people in the U.S. and Western Europe will no doubt turn blue and "pass out" because their governments embrace green energy.

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