Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gavin Lee (李佳達)

"For solar energy to take the place of nuclear power in Taiwan is not only possible, but could be done straight away."
That's not true to any truthful understanding of the term "replace" (i.e. >40 TW hours per year). In fact its' distance from the truth is so stupendous that unless it can be shown that Gavin Lee (李佳達) was temporarily insane when he wrote it, I think I could only conclude that it is an outright lie.

Even if solar PV cells could convert 100% of the light that hits them into output electricity (and I doubt they'd ever get beyond 29% at most), and even if you covered every single rooftop in Taiwan with them, you'd still only get a tiny fraction of the energy required to replace nuclear plants: even with the most extravagantly generous assumptions, I couldn't estimate more than perhaps 15 TW hours per year.

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