Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Parsing The Confession

"Ideally, shut down all coal plants within the next five years, everywhere on earth..."
Turton confesses to the logic of his ideals (that's ideology for you): government with the power to violate and/or rescind property rights anywhere in the world at whim.
"For what we have spent needlessly on the military over the last two decades we could have purchased wind for the whole earth...."
That royal "we" renders all U.S. taxpayers into the active subject, which, in strict stipulation to the fundamentally individual nature of human agency, must be declared false. The money was taken from U.S. citizens via the implicit threat of institutionally leveraged violence: the citizens themselves have not "spent" that money. As to whether it was "needless" - the truth of that depends upon whose needs are in reference. In the space of the first nine words of that first clause, Turton has revealed the predatory nature of his political premises: not only does he conceive of other people's agency through their coercive sublimation to the collective ("we have spent"), but that values exist independently of valuers ("needlessly..."). The fig leaf of "democratic representation" won't cover this up either - for the essential reasons that Lysander Spooner laid out in his "No Treason" essays.
"Termination of all subsidies to fossil fuel production and transportation."
Under free market conditions, such subsidies aren't necessary anyway; demand for energy will always be there and fossil fuels, due to their chemistry, are among the most efficient ways of fullfilling that demand.
"Massive subsidies for solar and wind power production, sale, installation, and regulation."
That is a public call for theft (excused by Turton only because it is government theft) on a "massive" scale which would also have the effect of driving up electricity prices and thereby inflict economic suffering upon poor people - like me.
"Upgraded/crash research programs in power transmission, storage batteries, thorium nuclear plants, crops effective in reducing Co2 and CH4, carbon capture and storage, and similar."
The efficiency of electrical current transmission (not power) would surely be more likely to improve under market competition. Research on batteries has been going on for decades with only marginal improvements - spending more money probably isn't going to improve this trend. Thorium nuclear plants? Sure - but let private investors do this. Crops? Not interested; largely because I don't buy the hyperbolic CACC (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change) Turton squeezes out. I'm sure his high-in-Climate-Progess diet keeps him regular.
"Re-regulation of the power network to maximize wind transmission capabilities."
Grid reform is an interesting topic and one deserving of some good essays. I don't know which regulations Turton is referring to, and so I ought to read up on this at some point.
"National ecological programs to convert fallow land to CO2 amelioration, preserve and expand wetlands, and so on."
Remove that "national" and I can agree with the gist of that; private ownership (or stewardship) of ecological parks is an ethical necessity for my agreement - whether they would in fact be managed more efficiently than State nationalized parks I don't know as this sort of thing depends very much on the commitment and intelligence of the people who assume the responsibility of running them, and not just upon the boundary conditions within which they act.


  1. If CACC is so scary, then shouldn't more people be building CACC shelters a la bomb shelters? I just think it's funny how he says "I know none of that [his recommendations] will happen, Okami. I merely point out that it has to. " yet he hasn't bothered to build some sort of post-apocalyptic hideout which would be the most rational strategy given his premises.
    The efficiency of electrical current transmission (not power)

    Considering how intimately connected current and power are, I think this statement needs some elaboration.

  2. "...he hasn't bothered to build some sort of post-apocalyptic hideout..."

    (Ha!) To be accurate - the catastrophe he references is purportedly 40 odd years out into the future by which time he'll either be dead or a very old man.

    "...some elaboration."

    Power as in the rate at which one form of energy is converted to another (measured in Watts). Current as in the flow of electrical charge (measured in Amps). What is transmitted through the grid is electrical current, not electrical power. "Power" is often used sloppily as a synonym for "electricity".

  3. Incidentally, it may be noted that "Herman" has just confirmed my earlier prediction about his nervous applause for Turton's plans:

    "Well, I'll just say that if you can get Jerome K. or somebody who can influence Tsai to be on board with you, put this vision into DPP's campaign in the next election against KMT, have Tsai beat Ma on these issues, I'll be clapping hands for you and have no objection whatsoever. I don't go much for big solutions."

    Would anyone like to take bets on future comments at Turton's place? I could set up a website and start offering odds...

  4. To be accurate - the catastrophe he references is purportedly 40 odd years out into the future by which time he'll either be dead or a very old man.

    What about kids and grandkids? I'd say 40 years is plenty of time to build them a giant bunker.


    What is transmitted through the grid is electrical current,..
    Well yes but when you transmit current you are transmitting, power and in the end it's the power (P=IV) received that matters, not just the current. (Plus high voltage lines specifically try to limit the amount of current they send to keep power losses low.)

    I thought maybe you were talking about something specific to wind farms, since I've think I've heard that they produce really uneven current (leading to uneven power).

  5. "What about kids and grandkids?"

    Sure. Do you actually know that he isn't building some sort of contingency "bunker", or have you just presumed that he isn't?

    "...in the end it's the power (P=IV) received that matters..."

    True. What can I say? I'd line up to receive my medal for outstanding services to pedantry if you hadn't pipped me at the post with your comment on the use of voltage level as a limit on electrical current! ;-)

  6. Well to be of any real use it'd have to be a big bunker, and there would have to be a lot of people involved (it's to keep humanity alive after all). Really more like a small city. If he were involved in something like that, wouldn't he be sending out sign-up sheets?

    It occurs to me that CACC insurance is what that magnitude-14 earthquake scammer should have done. Best part is, he would be able to honestly make the claim that there are scientists who back his predictions of a coming catastrophe.

  7. Yes, well - remember to ask him that next time you're on his blog. I'm banned.


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