Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Different Reactions

"We (‘the west’) have not won the war because we haven’t won the ‘hearts and minds’. We haven’t demonstrated that our political, legal and moral social systems are intrinsically more profitable, fairer, easier or more secure than those often found in Islamic states."
That kaleidescopic conjunction of decontextualized, sloga-sneering sans-sense was snorted out by someone who failed to graduate from the free institute of "how to tell your arse from your elbow" studies. It's not that he doesn't agree with me, it's that he doesn't even seem to think about what he's saying - he just splatters words all over the place like a two year old with a plate of jelly.

Meanwhile, I have a bit of a barney with someone who can string a few sentences together, but isn't quite above a bit of argument from authority. My argument? Here:
"I don't want to overstate the case (there are far more serious problems), but nontheless militant Islamic theology is a very real threat to the West over and above "pragmatic, local concerns"."

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