Thursday, 12 May 2011

Didi & Meimei

I'm gutted. For the past three months or so, me and a Taiwanese girl have been taking care of two abandoned white puppies at the park, a brother and sister. In fact I was just carrying the little brother around with me last night when me and the other dogs were walking around the park. This morning the brother - Didi - was run over by a car at about 9am. We found out this afternoon. Here he is on the right.

Apparently, Didi had run into the road after being chased by Black & White to whom he must have done something annoying (I guess that might have been sniffing too close to her when she had a bone or something). It's unusual because the other two dogs very rarely show anger to the two puppies - and a sharp word from me is enough to stop them. I wish I'd been there this morning to stop whatever it was that really happened.

Anyway his sister - Meimei - is left on her own without him and only the other two fully grown dogs, Picky and Black & White for company. That's Meimei in the second picture above - she is white whilst her brother was more tan. It's going to be very hard on her, because she's already flighty and nervous with people and I don't think she can be adopted (unless possibly by my friend Wang).

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