Sunday, 15 May 2011

Carol Nichols

This is what got published today instead of my recent letter on the same topic.
"First, as an American, I am aware that in many of our school districts, such teaching has begun at the kindergarten level."
Is Ms Nichols referring to school districts in the U.S. ("as an American") or is she referring to school districts in Taiwan? And if the latter, then why on earth is her being American relevant?
"Although the current proposal stipulates that it should begin at the fifth-grade level in Taiwan, the door would be open to lowering the age of the children subjected to a homosexual agenda."
I would think that's probably true, since the decision to target 5th grade children appears to have been made for no other reason than the calculation that that's the youngest age TAPCPR think they can get away with (because it was done in Canada, so it should also therefore be done in Taiwan). Is Ms Nichols correct to call it a "homosexual agenda"? I don't know, but in any case, I agree with her when she says this:
"I think that within the educational system, the less emphasis on the entire subject of sexuality, the better, at least until students reach high school."
In fact, if I was responsible for sex education - I'd make sure the entire syllabus was condensed into less than a minute in order to save time for real subjects like history, commerce, science, mathematics and literature.
"Second, I believe we should differentiate between respect for others (whether they are of different races, religions, or sexual orientation, to name a few differences found among members of the human family) and total acceptance of behaviors that most people find morally wrong."
Sorry, no. The issue is not one of respect, the issue is one of tolerance: these are basic concepts. I tolerate homosexuality in other people but I do not respect them because they are homosexual - that would be like someone telling me I have their respect merely on account of my blue eyes. Ridiculous. Moreover, the assertion that "most people" find homosexuality to be morally wrong - whatever its' empirical merits - is entirely irrelevant to the ethics here: it's nobody else's goddamn business if two bean flickers want to get it on in privacy. Just last night, the last thing that dreadlocked, Proust-quoting dude said before he left was "fuck, breeders man!". No - I am a "breeder" and I reserve the right to tell people who don't like this fact to go forth and wanktify themselves in their vaunted, anti-capitalist sexuology elsewhere. Two people's sexuality is nobody else's business (i.e. all public expressions of moral judgement are impertinent) unless there is coercion involved or one of them is a child.
"I am totally opposed to name-calling, alienation or any cruel behavior by any individual to any other person for any reason."
I'm not - some people deserve to get called certain names (e.g. Bruno Walther deserved to be called an "eco-fascist") because those names either describe what they are, what they do or what they advocate with the appropriate connotation of contempt or disapproval beyond mere contempt. Having said that, I'm not a bully and I don't approve of such behaviour - when it is uncalled for.
"Furthermore, emphasis on sexual diversity issues is not the business of public education. Parents are children’s most important teachers; they should be the ones to deal with their own children when questions naturally arise during childhood."
Agreed. Just earlier tonight as I was walking the dogs I almost decided to intervene with a spoilt brat who was kicking and screaming wildly at his elder brother and sister for some reason whilst his mother walked away ignoring him. I would never have carried on like that at his age simply because I'd have got a clip round the ear without a second warning.
"I hope Taiwan’s education leaders will sort through the issues carefully and teach respect, not sexuality, to our children."
I hope not - I hope they have a road to Damascus conversion, turn around and become advocates for free markets in education. Pigs do sometimes fly after all.


  1. I think you highly overestimate the American education system. Things like science, math and literature are way in the back as far as priorities go. History and commerce are even more obscure to the modern American education establishment. Civics class has devolved to teach street law. History is woefully under taught because the people teaching it are shite. Math generally has the same time requirements in high school as PE does. Science? They undercut that because labs are expensive. I plan on teaching my kids chemistry in Taiwan because not only is it easier, but I won't have the DEA showing up at my door questioning my chemical purchases. Due to the war on drugs chemicals in the US are very hard to get and most chemical supply warehouses will not sell to individuals at all.

    At the rate we're going, I'm going to have to de-brainwash them about "Three Cups of Tea" and "Silent Spring". That's just the books I know offhand. Some states have wacky requirements like Wisconsin's requirement of one year of labor history(It's a pro-union class in a pro-union state). This along with teaching kindergarteners about sexuality is one of the reasons that homeschooling has become more and more popular in the US even amongst the non-evangelical crowd.

  2. I once arranged Young's famous "double slit" light experiment for some fifth graders. The sheer outrageous WTF-ness of it was immediately written all over their little faces - which had me mentally high-fiving myself! (Setting the bloody thing up is actually quite fiddly).

    Having to put kids through school must be a constant nightmare. I don't know how I'd ever get a good night's sleep - and I feel sorry for my own parents having to go through that with me (and that's long before University).

  3. My favorite part of this is your explanation as to why Walther deserves to be called "eco-fascist." I would also add "stupid," but that's just me. (I think you added that as well in the past.)

    When even sex, gender, and sexual orientation are politicized (publicized), the human race is not far from the farm it will make for itself. Sadly, it appears we're already there--and we're building the fences.


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