Saturday, 23 April 2011

When Truth-Telling Is Futile

When I was already in Crematorium V, a train from Byalistock arrived. A prisoner on the "special detail" saw a woman in the "undressing room", who was the wife of a friend of his. He came right out and told her: "you are going to be exterminated; in three hours you will be ashes." The woman believed him because she knew him. She ran all over and warned the other women: "We're going to be killed. We're going to be gassed." Mothers carrying their children on their shoulders didn't want to hear that. They decided the woman was crazy. They chased her away. So she went to the men - to no avail. Not that they didn't believe her; they'd heard rumors in the Byalistock ghetto, or in Grodno and elsewhere - but who wanted to hear that!? When she saw that no one would listen, she scratched her whole face - out of despair, in shock. And she started to scream. So what happened? Everyone was gassed. The woman was held back. We had to line up in front of the oven. First they tortured her horribly, because she wouldn't betray him. In the end, she pointed to him. He was taken out of the line and thrown alive into the oven. We were told: "Whoever tell [sic] anything will end like that!"
That is taken from an interview with Fillip Müller in the first three minutes of segment 37 of Claude Lanzmann's Holocaust documentary "Shoah".

Via John Venlet.

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