Monday, 25 April 2011

Tea With Tsai

Christ on a bike... that a fossilized old Lefty like Jerome Keating* can organize a "morning tea meeting" with Tsai Ing-wen is illustrative of the power the western Left has in Taiwan and the utter lack of any counterpoised voice. Some of the questions put to her were just incoherent babble about the arts, the environment and swing voters whilst others, though more clearly enunciated, were too large or controversial to possibly get any precise answer out of her. Not a single person asked her a quantitative question, or a question of epistemic or ethical principle and consequence. Issues of spending, debt, energy, devolution, privatization and military reform were not discussed, which is disgusting, and the whole atmosphere of the thing was far too much like an Eloi alumini party. All they managed to squeeze out of her was seven shades of socializmus.

Oh, and somebody even let Bruno Walther in and babble something unintelligible about the environment for the last question. That was a classy touch.

*Corrected (see comment).


  1. The "fossilized old Lefty" was Jerome Keating. Jerome Cohen was Ma Ying-jeou's professor at Harvard Law.

  2. It's late and I'm tired, but yes I should have at least got the bloody name right because I know who Cohen is.

  3. Cheers, Mike. You've got this analyzed to a "T."

    After Walther's . . . question, was it? . . . I no longer dislike, but rather pity, him. A professor of Environmental Science, is he? Well, given his convoluted jibberish, I not longer take any offense to his once calling an article I wrote "incoherent."

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    Thanks for sharing here.~

  4. Cheers Nathan - you know I really should have been there to throw her a proper question or two but, aside from my own business to attend to, I have little doubt that there wouldn't have been "enough time" or some other such bullshit. Still, it would have been amusing to see the fire-ice looks on certain faces had my presence been known...

  5. The whole thing looked pretty damn pathetic.

  6. Lefties doing media interviews with Tsai? I'm shocked! Considering 90+% of journalists are socialist lefties, well what do you expect.

    I think one of the main reasons to do it with them is as long as you humor their puffball wacky questions they'll write nice things about you. People may scream to high heaven about how important the environment is, but I haven't seen much of it outside of rent seeking. I'd also mention how lefties view what you noted they didn't ask about.

    debt-what's that?
    energy-Comes from somewhere I can't be bothered with knowing about
    privatization-Capitalism bad
    military reform-It's a prop when our guys need it and best ignored and defunded when we don't

    I enjoyed the podcast you linked. I also saw a very nice article about how right wing parties are gaining more and more ground in EU countries and seeing Brussels as the domineering parasite it is. I'll be interested to see if Le Pen beats out Sarkozy for president of France later.

  7. "Considering 90+% of journalists are socialist lefties, well what do you expect."

    Oh I wasn't remarking on it out of surprise, more just a depressing reflection on the truth. I should have been there (I have my excuses, but still...).

    debt-what's that?
    energy-Comes from somewhere I can't be bothered with knowing about
    privatization-Capitalism bad..."


    "I enjoyed the podcast you linked."

    That'll be the David Friedman one? I have some differences with him, but that doesn't matter: he goes straight in the pantheon - and somewhere fairly high up too. I think he's a better thinker than his father was, although perhaps the comparison is a little unfair on old Milton.

    "I'll be interested to see if Le Pen beats out Sarkozy for president of France later."

    Oh I'm no fan of Le Pen and that openly national socialist lot in Europe. At any rate party politics doesn't matter much in the broader scale of things - the Euro is on its way to collapse and whichever parties are elected over the next few years will probably reintroduce national currencies. As the collapse approaches, the action running through places like the Cobden Centre and into the various Parliaments and Assemblies will become more important.

    As for the E.U. - it ought to be dismantled now and I think this imperative will become even more apparent and popular after the Euro collapse.

  8. Hey Mike, your "blog archive" on the right column went weirdo ... one word per line ?

  9. Echo - might that not be a browser issue at your end? It seems fine to me: were you looking for anything specific?

  10. Nothing specific, just hard to read. Some words are cut into 2 lines. For example,

    Mark Rawson: Racketeer

    reads as:



    Two Half-Decent Editorials



    FYI, I am using Firefox on Win XP.

  11. Echo: I've reset the archive as a flat, monthly list to make it look tidier, but it does mean that using the archives will require either the search function or just a long trawl through.


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