Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Stand Unafraid

"For anyone about to allow Turton's scaremongering to frighten them into submission: .... kiss your brain goodbye - if you ever had one."
My comment, which will more than likely go unpublished now that my ban is presumably reinstated, at Turton's place: people like him and the despicable Winston Dang are not intellectuals but intellectual bullies - and poor ones at that. The real threat is not posed by the nuclear power station in Kenting, it is posed by the hysterical reaction which would likely follow any perceived "crisis" and the resulting confusion, error and accidents as everybody scrambles madly like headless chickens to evacuate at the same time. A nuclear crisis has a slow time scale and you would likely be exposed to only a trace increase in background radiation.


  1. You come across to me as someone who worries a little too much about these things. The thing you have to know about the AGW crowd is that their policies are unpopular and become even more so as people fnd out the costs associated with them. The AGW crew don't argue in good faith, so your best bet is mockery of their ideas. Make them defend the indefensible. It's like that 10-10 video the Brits put out where they exploded people(including schoolchildren) in a shower of bloody gore who didn't go along with the pogrom(sp?). There was nothing they could defend about it so they tried to put it down the memory hole, forgetting once something is on the internet it's forever on the internet. You can't buy honesty like that in your opponents. I hope Veritas Visuals infiltrates them and makes some good videos soon.

    With windmills and solar, you just ask people how comfortable they are with brown-outs turning off their fridge or costing them 200%+ more on electricity? One of the things that really hit me about govt control over utilities is when a Brit told me that when he lived in England in the 80's, he had to think very carefully every time he wanted something out of his fridge because electricity was so expensive. He would run out of gas for his motorcycle because he just didn't have enough cash to buy some. It wasn't that he was poor, it's just that petrol and electricity were so expensive with high taxes on everything. One of the reasons so many factories in Taiwan are on and surrounded by farmland is that farmers pay lower rates for electricity.

    My personal favorite is this one:

    I really wish this guy had talked to the Dutch Pro's as some of the stuff he has on his list is just silly. I mean it's like the man can't read nor use a spreadsheet beyond the talking points he wants to use.

    I'm to the point when I read something interesting I ask myself if that is really true. Especially if it is on a news site.

    My personal favorite story in irony is newspapers having stories on the evils of big oil's money and influence, which has profit margins of 10% during the time when they were enjoying profit margins of 20+% on their business and had even more influence. This was before the internet when the news media basically had a monopoly. Ever had to put an ad into a newspaper before? I felt like I needed to take a shower afterwards.

  2. Okami - was it not you yourself who said, only a few days ago, that "nuclear is dead"? If that is true, then reflection on why it is will explain why I appear to be "someone who worries a little too much about these things".

  3. Nuclear is not dead for any rational reason, but from a environmentalist scare tactic it's gone from any rational energy policy. The Germans have given up on it and will build no more new plants. The US hasn't built a new plant in how many decades? Thanks to the poor management of the state-owned Japanese power company a rational discussion is going to get drowned out with screaming of a thousand spoiled man-child environmentalists and anarchists. Taiwan itself will pretty much try to get rid of nuclear if they can if the DPP comes to power.

    There's no rational reason to get rid of nuclear energy. If we want to live longer, healthier lives we need energy. Nuclear just gets a bad rap due to safety lapses in Asia and the lack of reprocessing in the US. The Japanese plant suffered one of the top five worst recorded earthquakes and a massive tsunami and it didn't pop a nuclear cloud. That to me is pretty damn amazing.

  4. "Nuclear is not dead for any rational reason, but from a environmentalist scare tactic..."

    Well perhaps that's why I appear to "worry a little too much": a little bullshit can go a long way...


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