Friday, 15 April 2011

Human Monsters

"There's no evidence that Godboldo disputed the seriousness of her daughter's condition; as Ariana's primary caretaker, she understood it very well. She had very reasonable doubts about the competence of the therapeutic officials who were forcing Ariana to undergo injections of a potentially lethal drug. But it is impermissible for parents to entertain such reservations about the wisdom of those clothed in the purported authority of the State, or to resist their prescriptions, whatever their efficacy."
William Grigg, at Pro Libertate, reports on the latest incidence of CPS monsters kidnapping a child in Michigan, after having illegally broken into her mother's home at gunpoint. Toward the end of that same piece, Grigg writes brilliantly:
"The federally subsidized child "protection" universe is a joint production of Lenin, Kafka and Salvador Dali in which power means everything, facts and law mean nothing, and the contours of "reality" are warped in the service of self-enraptured bureaucrats."
That's why I take fools like Yang Ji-charng and "Torch Pratt" seriously: the comfortable ignorance with which they commit themselves to infernal paper-scratching about "decisions" and "belonging" is a clear danger to those, like me, who would be left alone to run their own lives.

Via Billy Beck.

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