Saturday, 2 April 2011

Disaster No3

Lewis Page of The Register reports on recent political developments surrounding the Fukushima plant:
"Plant owner TEPCO has now decided to cut its losses, however, stating that it now considers that reactors 1 to 4 at the site will have to be written off: being near the end of their planned lives anyway, it makes no sense to spend much money on fixing them. The other two Daiichi reactors, Nos 5 and 6, were brought safely into a cold shutdown condition early on and TEPCO still expects to continue operations with these... The Japanese government, under tremendous pressure from the media-pumped hysteria over the issue, has said that it thinks the 5 and 6 reactors should also be shut down permanently."
That would be a stupid decision; both unnecessary and detrimentally consequential. The earthquake and tsunami were two disasters in one, but the politicization of economic recovery in Japan look set to make that three in one. The generation of power for consumption ought to be close to the top of everybody's priorities in Japan - the sooner that suppliers in the electronics and manufacturing sectors can rebuild, recover and get back to work, the better for everybody (and not just in Japan - the semi-conductor industry over here is having supply problems because of this).

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