Sunday, 10 April 2011

Cheers Dellers!

"They lost. We won. Basically the UEA [University of East Anglia] were trying to use the PCC [Press Complaints Commission] as a way of gagging this blog from speaking unpalatable truths about the shoddy goings-on in its notorious Climatic Research Unit.... To its enormous credit the PCC stuck up for fair comment and freedom of speech. This is a massive victory not just for me and Telegraph blogs, but for bloggers everywhere – especially those doughty souls around the world who are battling against Establishment lies, bullying and cover ups to try to reveal the truth about the corrupt, mendacious Climate Change industry."
That's James Dellingpole noting the "sweet smell of napalm in the morning"! That Phil Jones and co tried to have Dellingpole gagged speaks volumes for what kind of people they are. I'll have a little celebratory drink to their defeat and Dellers' victory tonight...


...Oh, and coincidentally, the issue over which the Press Complaints Commission ruled here is the same issue for which Turton banned me last year, namely the judgement that the CRU's work was - in the words of Dellingpole - a "shoddy disgrace". It was, and I was right, and so was Dellingpole.

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