Friday, 29 April 2011


I might well be blogging less frequently over the next few weeks as I will be house-hunting among other things. I've lived in the same apartment for the past three years and have been very happy with it, although the one I used to have in Kaohsiung was very handsome. I'd consider another apartment, but, for various reasons, I'm thinking about a little house (though having recently left my girlfriend of some years now, that might feel strange for a while). I might also try to drop in on the anti-nuclear protest in Kaohsiung on Saturday with a camera and an ear. I have half a mind to go to Hualien to see the airshow the following Saturday, but that's probably going to be too much of a stretch. For now though, I'll just note that Tim Worstall has started blinking at the shadows hugging the trees:
"We might even posit that large scale thorium usage would lead to lots of cheap power and that a devotee of a localised, near peasant, lifestyle like Ms Lucas would prefer there be no solution rather than one which allows the continued existence of a large scale industrialised society."
Yes: this isn't about energy and it isn't even about "climate change" - and it never was.


  1. Good luck on the house hunt. I finally found a decent place with a yard for some side projects and it only took me a couple months for a place like that to show up. is what I use.

    *Make sure to visit the area at different times of the day on different days to make sure it's normal. This has bit me in the ass for not doing it and saved my ass by doing it.

  2. Cheers Nathan.

    Thanks Okami, I'll have a look at that; hopefully I can find another gaffe in Tainan city and knock out a contract well before August arrives.

    Just out of curiosity, might I ask whereabouts you're based? Would I be right in guessing Taipei or Taipei County?

  3. I'm currently living in Sunny Changhua, home to dogfighting, cockfighting and meth production for Taiwan.

  4. Let us know how the protest turns out, I'll be workin'~


  5. Changhua? I've driven through it once or twice on my way to Taichung, but my memory is vague - it's "famed" only for some old temples, no? I wouldn't know about meth, but there's plenty of cockfighting down in Kaohsiung county.

    Derek: the protest will be a protest - I'm just going for a few hours' photography practice and maybe see a few old friends.


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