Friday, 1 April 2011

Bone Of Contention

"Why don't you go out and bone up some on Wind power?"
Turton in response to "Okami".

Why don't you go and "bone up" on where you're going to find 323 square kilometres of flat, open, cheap and available land Turton?

Get stuck into him Okami - he f*cking deserves it.

Meanwhile, my most recent comment at JR's place...

* * *

"The state may also decide to keep the manufacturing industry competitive by subsidizing energy to a greater deal, than private households."

Yes that's right; or the government could force a reduction in electricity consumption for example, or it could construct new gas and coal fired plants.

But I think that, for political reasons, a Tsai government would prefer to go for renewables as far as it possibly can - which, even if the scale remains at only a smallish fraction of the nuclear output - will inescapably come down to a choice between paying vast sums for farmland by cutting the budget elsewhere (or by incurring more debt), ending agricultural subsidies so as to bring about land price reductions... or land theft.

All of these options would be bad for large swathes of the population of Taiwan - except the free-market based option, which, in my view, is also the only ethically defensible option.

"We are talking about a country where the role of the state matters greatly – that’s a given in this debate."

That is exactly why I am doing what little I can to try to participate in this debate.

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