Wednesday, 16 March 2011

On Fukushima Again

It's too early to be making calls on the state of the reactors at Fukushima, but I hope to God they get them sorted out ASAP. Yukio Edano, Chief Cabinet Secretary, told reporters:
"It's not so simple that everything will be resolved by pouring in water. We are trying to avoid creating other problems... we are actually supplying water from the ground, but supplying water from above involves pumping lots of water and that involves risk. We also have to consider the safety of the helicopters above..."
Those workers at that plant who have been on the go since last weekend are heroic, but they can't be expected to keep going forever irrespective of the radiation levels. Apart from the radiation risk to the pilots, helicopter drops of water from above would surely be a more effective way of delivering the necessary coolant, no?

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