Friday, 25 March 2011

On The Beating Of Chen Jiau-hua (陳椒華)

"Chen, an associate professor at Chianan University of Pharmacy and Science and a long-time environmental campaigner, was beaten by two men with sticks on Monday night when she was getting into her car after leaving the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union’s (TEPU) Tainan office, she said."
Goddamn it. I don't yet know the details of this garbage dump thing out in Dongshan (I can find out), and although I have no sympathy for politicists like her, two men beating a woman at night with sticks is no less cowardly and stupid than applying coercion through the safe and comfortable leverage of institutional distance.

Further in that story somebody called Sam Lin (林聖崇), who is apparently the Taiwan Hsinchu Foundation chairman (whatever the hell that is), obviously in a pique of anger came out with this little gem:
“...the government is incapable of protecting its citizens and it’s also incapable of protecting the environment.”
That is exactly right - but not for the reasons he thinks it is.

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