Friday, 4 March 2011

Blind Spot

Christopher Hitchens on the "couldn't-give-a-toss" attitude of the current occupant of the White House:
"...every important statesman and stateswoman in the world had been heard from, with the exception of Obama. And his silence was hardly worth breaking."
The reflexive enthusiasm among both foreigners and certain Taiwanese alike for the U.S. Left and the Democratic Party in particular is their second-most* exasperating blind-spot. They seem to suppose that since they are uncritical and syncretic Leftists in political outlook, that the election to the U.S. Presidency of a man they blindly assume to be one of their own is something to celebrate - in what can only be deliberate ignorance not only of the political history of the man himself, but of the recent history of the U.S. Democratic Party with regard to Taiwan. Even J.Michael Cole, even now, after all the conspicuous foreign policy disinterest of the current White House, is apparently still clinging to the faint and vague whisp of a hope that the current President "regards the world with more humanity" (i.e. more than this Kissinger impersonater). Foreign and Taiwanese Leftists alike could choose to know better; they could choose to think again about what it means to have someone of the Far Left in such a position of power. They could, but they won't - because that would hurt their feelings.

*Their first lies with the distracting collective dithyramb which always begins: "...the government must do..."

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