Saturday, 12 February 2011

On Education

Martin McPhillips on public education:
"They run a place where kids can be left for eight hours (or more, with the ever-burgeoning “after school” activities). Everything else, meaning the instruction, is available elsewhere, especially via the internet. “What about ‘socialization’?” It’s not socialization, it’s institutionalization, and it is the platform for the development of immature peer group cultures that help the Bosom State extend a cultivated infantile adolescence into perfunctory adulthood."
That is one reason why I wrote the Ha Joon Chang responses, why I wrote something like twenty email replies on broadly the same subject to the student who sent me the Chang paper, why I have posted so many attempts to engage Ben Goren in debate recently and why I repeatedly argued against Turton last summer until he banned me. It's usually a thankless chore because it necessarily "gets people's backs up", but I will never have anyone forced to attend to what I write or to agree with me.

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