Thursday, 3 February 2011

Federal Court: Obama Healthcare Bill Unconstitutional

" American Federal court found Obamacare... unconsititutional and, therefore, void. Not just part of the Act - but as the Obama Administration had repeatedly, and quite correctly, declared that the Act was “unseverable” (i.e. interdependent - not made up of stand alone provisions), the whole Act. No doubt the government will appeal to the Supreme Court - but it is a major story. And yet the British media are basically ignoring it... a defeat for Comade Barack will only be reported if it is unavoidable (like the election defeats in November last year), not if it can be ignored and the constant diet of “there is no God and His name is Obama” can continue."
That was Paul Marks on Tuesday, over at Counting Cats, drawing attention to the likely deliberate inattentiveness to this major story of those British media lickspittles to the current U.S. President. I note here that the Taipei Times at least had the decency to carry that Bloomberg piece yesterday, from which, this is my choice quote:
"The White House called Vinson’s ruling “a plain case of judicial overreaching.” That echoed language the judge had used to describe the law as an example of Congress overstepping its authority."
Yes: clash of basic principles - those of individualism, to which Hamilton and the Federalists had to appeal in their struggle to get the Constitution ratified, and those of collectivism, for the pursuance of which that Constitution has been misused in bad faith from the very beginning.

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